Presence verification through easy-to-integrate SDKs
Create the smoothest customer interactions imaginable, all using ultrasound.
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A bar fading into the Everlink toolbar. Pulsing pattern showing Everlink's ultrasonic technology. Image showing a smart device emitting an audio code. Image showing a smart device detecting an audio code. Pulsing pattern showing Everlink's ultrasonic technology.

Unlock the power of ultrasound

Take proof of presence to the next level. Seamlessly verify smart devices in proximity by communicating audio-codes through ultrasound.

Step 1
Transmit audio-codes instantly

Imagine a world where your phone is your passport to proving your presence everywhere. A simple means to verify it’s really you in any given situation.

Let’s break it down using devices A and B, here device A is transmitting an audio-code to device B.

Image showing one smart device emitting an Everlink smart code and another listening.
Image showing a smart device sending the Everlink audio code to the cloud servers.
Step 2
Server verifies the audio-code

Once device B receives the audio-code it gets sent to Everlink’s servers. It’s here that we do some really clever stuff to make sure verification is accurate and the next step can happen seamlessly.

This all takes place in a blink of an eye.

Step 3
Smart-devices are connected

The two devices are matched and the next stage in the journey can begin. This could be checking in at a location, a payment going through or a simple exchange of information. The possibilities are endless.

Oh, and did we mention that this works on any smart device, so don’t just think phones.

Image showing two smart devices being connected.
Image showing how Everlink is lightning quick when transmitting audio codes.
Lightning Fast

Verify your users instantly with codes transmitted in split seconds.

Image showing how Everlink can be customised for flexible verification distances.
Flexible Distances

We want to empower developers to be imaginative with the experiences they create.

Image showing how Everlink's ultrasound technology is noiseless.

We don’t process or emit sounds that are audible, we deal in ultrasonic frequencies only.

Ultra-contactless experiences that keep customers safe

In a Covid-19 environment it’s important to make your customers feel safe. With Everlink you can verify your users and still comply with social distancing. No need for close contact, just instant and reliable verification.

Think NFC or QRC, but better, way better. Our ultrasonic ranges can be customised to suit your business needs, meaning you can give your users ultra-contactless, seamless experiences.

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Pulsing pattern showing Everlink's ultrasonic technology. Image showing Everlink's sonic sign-ins with smart devices.
Unrivalled Technology
Image showing how Everlink is compatible with any smart device.

Our tech works with any smart-device with a speaker and microphone.

Image showing how Everlink is reliable in the face of environmental noise.

Our technology ensures successful verficiations even in loud, busy or chaotic environments.

Image showing how Everlink keeps data secure and protected.

Our API has robust security to ensure data is protected.

Pulsing pattern showing Everlink's ultrasonic technology.
Broadcast SDK
Great For
Visitor management - Event entry - Control access - People counting - Wayfinding
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Pulsing pattern showing Everlink's ultrasonic technology.
Ultra-Contactless SDK
Great For
Payments - Info sharing - Ultra secure entry - Proof of identity - Networking
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Easy to integrate

Our API is built around token exchange infrastructure and is compatible with iOS, Android and Javascript. Once integrated, the technology revolves around two simple commands.

Pulsing pattern showing Everlink's ultrasonic technology.

 public void onClick(View v) {
     //to start emitting an audio code call:

 public void onClick(View v) {
     //to start listening for an audio code call:


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